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What is in a name?

A domain name is like Virtual Real Estate Just like you will purchase a piece of land and the pot number longitude and latitude is not very customer friend the moment someone ask for your address, so is a domain name. it is what shows up when a browser loads a website from a server. These server has an IP address like coordinates on a piece of land.

Phone Books

Another example is when you have your friends name sayJacob on your phone, when he changes his number his num doess not change. So is a domain name this is how people remember your brand. Example Hapazo is a registered brand and its located online at, and others.

Domain name server is like an internet phone book. The yellow pages of contacts details of clients offline. Every domain has ap IP adess. Domain names point to IP address.

Why Domain names?

Your domain name is the brand name for your business and brand wheter personal or professional brand online.

Domain anmes help you build a strong brand, makes people recall and associate with your brand easily.

Domain names are like real estates, the appreciate in value over time due to content, traffic, and visitor activites on site.

Domain name rule guide

Most often strong brands out there don’t use more than 3 words

Tld top level domain like .com, org etcc are mostly preferd and almost are all taken

Your choice of domain should pass the phone test, when someone calls you and you tell them

Geographic domain names are important for country specific niche, yet its important to know that when you do this and then someelse register you .com, it will happen over time that you will have to share traffic with them. Like will have to focus on a niche for Nigerians,

Some top level domain do not have market value for now ie .pro etc.

Who si privacy

Whois database

Domain name registera I use



Host gator

There are other ones that I great but I often talk about what I use and why.

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