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This is a step by step guide to creation your website from cpanel. the moment you have registered your domain and hosting space.

The hosting company sends you a mail with title HOSTING DETAILS. This contains link of how to launch your website from cpanel

Login to your cpanel with the provided link and password. the scroll down to softaculus in the cpanel area. to clcik on WORDPRESS.

fill in the necessary information on that page and the publish your nnew website, no coding no html. its that simply amazing.



    The step by step guild is comprehensive enough….However, in filling out the fields such as the site name and description are there any set rule or standards one needs to follow to make the site more interactive??

    • Oyekan Oyedeji says:

      in the filling of that page when launching your site. there are no fast rules .
      because you can still edit them in the next or coming videos.

      that is just to get you started.

  • David Godwin says:

    Thank you for your Perfect explanations and guidance sir, So sir Does the Template determines the overall look of the site or is it possible to add more styles, Logos and all other designs
    to the site?

    • Oyekan Oyedeji says:

      you can do almost anything on a website on this CMS, how ever the look of blog is most often different.
      logo , template can be change at any time. this is the foundation of setting up a design

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