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HAPAZO | Oyekan Oyedeji
HAPAZO | Oyekan Oyedeji


• The Major purpose for being on the Social Media is to reach out to customers and fans that will end up becoming customers who buy from you ultimately.
• But what’s the use if all you get each time you spend advertising money are fans who prefer to have fun with your content and not add to your growth?
• One of the major causes of wasted funds and resources on Social Media is being on the wrong media with the wrong business.

The social media for your business
• A big part of the work you need to do for your business on Social Media is to know and understand the peculiarities of the various Social Media and how they uniquely impact your business.
• When you do and take your business to the right media for you, you will get commensurate results for your efforts.
Choosing the right social media

We will examine the following Social Media Platforms in our study here:
• Facebook
• Google+
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• Quora
• Twitter
• Youtube

• The Social media platform for businesses that are comfortable and ready to bend back to become human acting more like friends than like businesses. People are on Facebook to interact with friends and family. They are emotional and will relate with your business once you connect and relate with them on emotional levels too.

• While many businesses may not see Google+ as a Social Networking site, that still does not undermine its use and value to businesses that have Google pages. The value of Google+ is found in its SEO support. When you post on Google+ you are making it more likely your business or company’s content will rank more on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs ). Google also started to index and feature Google+ status updates, author names, and ‘Add to Circles’ buttons in search results, making your activity on Google+ even more important for a strong organic search presence. The Google+ authorship now gives you credit for any content you share on Google+ and acknowledges you as the originator irrespective of the source once you complete your Google+ profile.
• With increasing use of visuals on Social media means businesses have to also make that shift to reach and communicate with their fans on Social Media through photo sharing. Instagram is the most used photo sharing Social Media on earth today with over 55 million photos shared daily according to a study by Mind Jumpers. Branded updates on Facebook and Twitter are often overlooked (depending on the quality), but not on Instagram. Latest study by Forrester found that Instagram content generates 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. Instagram also allows a bit of video sharing.

• You or your employees can use Quora to build authority is specific topics, subjects or fields by answering questions that your prospects and followers ask thereby generating more leads to your business as you build trust and credibility. Create an account at
• LinkedIn is a Network for business minded professionals where B2B networking takes place. People here are business minded. A Hubspot survey in 2011 showed that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for leads generation than Facebook and Twitter. Your conversions on LinkedIn should be focused on business solutions, post White Papers and Reports here without fear, as this will grow your business Social Media Presence fast as people share your content.
• If your business produces more visual content then Pinterest is the Social Media for you. If you’re into furniture, fashion and style, photography, property and any business where you produce more visual content than text, you want to be on Pinterest. Always put some explanation to the images so followers can learn more when they click them. Adding link to your Pinterest images will help drive traffic to your website when clicked.
• Twitter is right for you if you are looking for a network where you can build a large audience that you can incite to action — potentially all at once to create a viral effect. Mind you, that type of audience growth takes time … but the value of creating such a large network sure pays off!

• YouTube is specifically geared towards videos, and this makes it an entirely unique type of Social Media. Videos tell stories a lot, so if your business is such that its visual nature is beyond what pictures can commitment you probably need videos and what Social Media is best suited for this than YouTube? YouTube videos can be used to celebrate customers, promote events, and teach. You can record and upload How to Videos that show how to do certain things that relate to your business. It is on record that over 3 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched on a daily bases, according to Google.

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