Top 7 “Legit” Ways Of Making Income And Impact Blogging with WordPress

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Dear reader,

“Blogging is a business, treat it as one”

Blogging is not a quick and instant way to make money. So if you are looking for a scheme…the business of blogging, and the blogging of business is not one. Blogging is a journey of creating value in information to visitors which most of the time is accompanied with impact , income, influence etc.

There are several ways methods of making money online with blogging on WordPress and I want to talk about only 7 of them.

Selling products online

There are several things you can sell online, from physical products to digital products

Tangible products from books, TV, cars all can be sold online

Tech products from ebooks, audio, videos online courses, paid webinars, all these can be built into WordPress website and blog and sold for a price.

Selling services online with WordPress

Just the way you have your car taken to a mechanic for services, there a services you can render online for a fee, from becoming a domain registrar, offering hosting services, offering freelancing as a social media manager, website designer, graphic design, researcher, writing for a fee and so on.

You can render consulting services to new business online and already establish company who need your digital service.

Coaching is a service providing business you can engage online and build your brand from a blog into an institution. I actually started free coaching before I began to earn money as a basketball coach.

3. Monetize your website or blog content.

It is popularly said that “content is king.” Then what is the customer? In my opinion content is king and customer is a child king- who does need a guide into the affairs of the kingdom. with that being  said you need to create a lot of good quality, relevant facts,figures, for your readers. This is what brings people to your site again and again. Then you can create affiliate marketing system where you refer visitors to other peoples product on your website through a banner or link, so when the people click to buy you get paid a commission.

You can also be paid to write reviews on products and services you have used and using. Displaying google AdSense is also a very lucrative form of income on a passive term.

Install advertising plugins and begin to collect adverts to display on your site.

Paid membership sites. There are several models of membership online from job boards sites, private and public forum or group.

Create a directory website

Where like can find location of offices, businesses, job specific sites, or industry specific sites.

Create event calendar website

A site where people can locate the next event in their areas of interest and industry.and charge a fee for advertiser to get out publish.

Become a WordPress designer, developer

You do not need to know coding or CSS to contribute to the tech industry, you can create videos tutorials on the use of this software application, you can develop templates, plugins and even write your own open source version.

WordPress is so free and priceless. It’s has a lot of contribution from various class and caliber of people around the world.


You can monetize your WordPress blog with donation from good heart by installing a donate functionality button. This will work so well for young paid starting up an NGO and non profit organization too.

I will do my due diligence to create niche post on each business model listed above.

Do you have any more ways you can make money and render value to people online blogging with WordPress.?

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